Our primary role for you is painting your models.  We all have models that need a coat of paint and Brush 4 Hire is here to make it easy for you to play every game with fully painted armies.  No matter how fun the game is, it’s always better when all the models are finished.  Bellow is a list of painting levels that you can request for your miniatures.

What does it Cost?

The most typical Warhammer style armies cost between $700 and $1200 per 1000 points.  This includes the cost of the models, normal assembly (no conversions),  painting and basing.  If you provide the models assembled it is typically 25-35% cheaper.  In larger or more homogenous armies you could also qualify for some major discounts of 20-25% off the painting service!  For smaller model count games like Infinity, Malifaux or MERCS, the prices typically fall in the $300-$600 range.  We much prefer to give you a firm quote on the project that you are considering.  Getting a quote is just a click away on our “Get a Quote” page.

These prices are greatly affected by factors like paint level selection (see below), requested conversions and modifications, and specialty basing.

  • level2Level 2 (Basic): Basic color schemes (3-5 colors).  Clean, but minimal shading or highlighting.  Simple basing is included though other basing may be added.  Basically this is a “get color on it so it’s ready for tournament play” or “so that the you can focus on the details yourself” type od service.  This is a great way to get a sprawling army painted quickly and economically.  Be aware that the detail at this level is limited and the number of colors is kept to a minimum to stream line the process.



  • IMG_9877Level 2 Plus (Tabletop): This is simple color schemes (3-7 colors) with shading and highlighting.  Basing is more than just green flock.  It can be rocks, dirt, and grass or other simple natural features. This is usually what people who play high models count armies get for their mass infantry.  It looks great in blocks and on the tabletop and can withstand some more close up inspection, though details will not be filled out to their fullest potential.  Check out an example of this level by clicking on the picture to the left.



  • Level 3 (Advanced):  More attention is pSonia Cropaid to details and more complex shading and highlighting is applied.  Basing can be more complex with some scenic elements.  With customers looking for a standard for a small skirmish size game this is a great level to show off the detail in your models. Since there are fewer models in a a small army/crew it’s still affordable.  At a level three or higher we also include access to any of the base toppers that we sell in our web store included in the price of the miniature if you choose to go that route for basing.



  • IMG_7819Level 4 (Heroic):  Lots of detail.  Everything is shaded and highlighted.  OSL (object-source lighting) can be done when desired.  Complex scenic basing is included in the price.  This is typically reserved for heroes in the army, though we have done this on a few very small model count armies/crews.  We will go the extra mile on this level adding free-hand details and cinematic elements to the model to bring out it’s full potential as a centerpiece in your army.




  • Level 5 (Display):  This level is essentially for those who want pictures for packaging or for display in a shop.  It is everything in painstaking detail.  Be aware that any significant number of models at this level will likely go outside of the 4-8 weeks that we normally quote out project durations for as it is a very time consuming process.  IMPORTANT NOTE** We must do the assembly for level 5.  As preparation is a huge part of the process for High resolution photography, we need to be the ones to clean and prep all the surfaces.